Advanced Rigging and Hoisting Course

  • Course Objectives

    At the end of this course, successful delegates will have demonstrated a sound knowledge of:

    • General Safety and Equipment
      1. - Safety systems
        - Personal safety
        - Tools and equipment
    • Equipment and Appropriate Safety Factors
      1. - Factor of safety
        - Flat web and round slings
        - Chain and chain slings
        - Wire rope
    • Fittings, Sheaves and Blocks
      1. - Wedge-type rope sockets
        - Rings
        - Shackles
    • Rigging for Crane Work and Building Construction
      1. - Evaluating the Load
        - Load Estimation — Weight and Centre of Gravity
        - Volumes of Common Shapes
        - Load Security — Balance and Stability
        - Structures
        - Packing
        - Slings
        - Identify and demonstrate the different signals for overhead cranes.
        - Display the different types of mobile cranes.
        - Discuss and practice the proper set up of cranes when making lift.
        - Identify the responsibility of riggers and operators before, during and after making a lift.
        - Define different rigging techniques if cranes aren’t available or head room and crane placement has become a concern.
        - Discuss the features of using cranes comparing with alternative lifting equipment such as chainfalls, tirfors and comealongs.
        - Demonstrate some rigging techniques such as removing different load with different shapes from place to place.
        - Discuss any job related rigging scenarios.
  • Who is this course for?

    Riggers and operators who will be appointed to sling and signal to overhead cranes in the workplace to meet Oil and Gas industry requirements in addition to other sectors.

    Course Duration:

    5 Days.

    Course Programme:

    This Course has been divided into two parts:

    • - Theoretical 5 Hours
    • - Practical 15 Hours
  • Certification

    The trainee will get a certificate approved by PTQI (Petroleum Training & Qualifying Institute) and Canadian Institute (NAIT).

    Please be advised that our staff have been certified by Canadian Institute.

    Course supervisor: Ashraf Rayani

    Course Fees

    It costs 1200 L.D/ person including the hand out.

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