Program RAPO-12 Description

  • Name of program:Advanced Process Operations.

    Course Code:

        o IAPO-12
        o RAPO-12


        o Theoretical: Classroom
        o Practical: DCS Process Simulator.


        o Reg.: 4 WKS
        o Intensive: 3 WK.

    Capacity: 6 to 8 Trainees.

    Location: PTQI Process Department.

    Frequency: As per attached schedule.

    Faculty: PTQI Process Department Staff.

  • For whom appropriate:

    Technicians requiring practical experience of Advanced process operations and dealing with critical situations from a centralized control room environment..

  • Purpose of program:

    To provide, by means of practical exercises using dynamic high fidelity process simulation, practical experience of dealing with process upsets, problems, trips and other process emergency and critical situations of operation from a centralized control room environment.

  • Content outline:

    • - Distributed control systems operation.
    • - Oil and gas field processes.
    • - Process start-up and shut-down from cold conditions.
    • - Process start-up and shut-down from a trip condition.
    • - Alarm handling.
    • - Emergency shut-down systems.
    • - Emergency shut-down system logic and operation.
    • - Handling trips and using overrides.
    • - Production wells system operation:
      1. o Oil wells
        o Production and test Manifolds
    • - Oil and gas separation system operation:
      1. o Test separator.
        o HP separator.
        o MP separator.
        o Crude oil heater.
        o LP separator.
        o Coalescer unit.
        o Oil booster pumps.
        o Oil export.
        o Oil storage.
        o Produced water system.
        o Water injection system with 3 injection.
        o wells.
        o Flare system.
        o Fuel gas system……………………..Cont.
        o Sea water system.
        o Steam generation.
        o Closed drain system.
        o Heating and cooling medium system.
        o Power generation and distribution.
        o Emergency shutdown system ESD/PSD.
    • - Gas Production System operation:
      1. o Gas recompression.
        o Gas dehydration system.
        o TEG Regeneration system.
        o Gas export system.
        o Gas re-injection compressor.
    • - Gas re-injection wells

    Introduction to DCS >>
    Basic Process Control >>

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    Training and Development Centre(TDC) at : 4833771-5 Ext : 273 during regular working hours (7:30–2:30)
    Fax : 021 4833770
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